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Indications It’s Time to Call A Roofer

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As a homeowner, there are many contractors that you’re going to need to hire throughout your lifetime. These contractors will provide you with the experience and know-how to fix the various issues that crop up over time. When it comes to calling in a roofer, here are the top indications that it’s time.

Your Roof Is Nearing 20 Years Old

Most roofs need to be replaced every 20 to 25 years. This is a precaution as after 20 years the roof will start to deterioriate. This will cause leaking in your home. You can avoid this problem by having the roof redone on a regular schedule every 20 to 25 years. A roofing contractor can come out and assess the age of your roof and recommend when a replacement should be done.

Damage From Storms

Exterior storm damage blaine mn is a common reason that homeowners call roofers. Whether it’s shingles getting ripped or completely tore off a home or a tree falling through the roof, a roofer can help to remedy the problem. If you notice leaks on your ceiling shortly after a storm, it’s likely you’ve got an issue that should be looked at by a professional before it becomes more of a problem.

Granules In Your Gutters

If you notice that your gutters are starting to fill up with granules, it can be an indication that you need to call a roofer. This holds especially true if you’ve just had your roof replaced within the past two years. Some granule loss can be expected over the life of shingles as it’s a normal wear and tear process. However, excessive amounts can be an indication that something more is at play.

Cracked Shingles

Think of your shingle as the necessary blanket to keep water off of your roof. In the event that your shingles are cracked, it can allow the roof to let in water. This can create damage to the structure of a home overtime. You should contact a roofer as soon as you notice any cracked shingles so that they can remedy the problem before it creates a more expensive issue.

Leaks Around The Chimney 

If you have a fireplace or wood stove in your home, you have a chimney to vent it. This can be a source of leaky roofs. There is a material called flashing which is put around the chimney. This helps to deter the flow of water off the roof. In the event the flashing becomes worn out or bent, it can allow water to get into the home. This can create more costly issues as it’s left unattended.

Calling in a roofer is a necessary responsibility of a homeowner. If you notice that your roof is having any of the issues above, you should contact a roofer sooner rather than later. Realize that the sooner the roofer can take a look at the problem, the quicker they can fix it before it turns worse.

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