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Luxury and Technology: Optimize your Operations with Style

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Technology is a luxury unto itself. However, in some settings, its complexity is unnecessary and design less than luxurious. If you own a large home, yacht or run a professional office and you employ staff it is likely you have some kind of system in place for quick and easy communication. Back in the day, you could push a button or tug a bell pull in your room which caused a bell to ring in the staff quarters, alerting them of your location and need for assistance. Nowadays, there are numerous emergency alert and room to room communication systems on the market. You can carry an alert system around your neck or a pager-like device on your belt. Some tabletop devices act as an intercom, can read the daily news out loud and show you the camera at your front door. You can even have an elaborate system installed in your smart home that does everything but wash the dishes. These devices range from mobile, with basic controls to complex systems that can require technician installation often in each room. In some cases, they are obvious, appear intrusive to the design of a room and require an interruption for verbal commands or complex controls.

Why not have the simplicity of the old with the efficiency of the new? A butler call button is an alternative for those who desire the efficiency of technology but also a luxury that is discreet, convenient and to-the-point. With one simple function, they allow you to alert service, security even medical staff with a tap.

As with all things technological, they come in varying styles. Some brands connect directly with mobile devices that most staff already carry, while others use a pager specific to the device. They come in all styles such as a traditional plastic button much as you find on airplanes. But there are other brands of butler call buttons that offer customization to any luxury design from the type of metal used to the exact fabric or material of your choosing. The device can blend in or be a centerpiece. The installation of a butler call button can be performed by a person with basic technical skills and their mobility means you can maximize cost without minimizing convenience. Whichever style you prefer, it is a device that will enhance day-to-day operations.

Imagine, no more interrupting conversation to request staff from across your home or yacht. Your guests can have the comfort of knowing someone is available at any moment, for any need, without disturbing you. Even in an office setting they can enhance security and reduce noise by limiting interruptions from an open speaker or an extra phone call.

A butler call button is not the answer for every situation, but they are an ideal option for those who do not want to sacrifice the look of their home, yacht or office for the luxury of technology. You can maintain the serenity of your surroundings while also optimizing the efficiency and peace of mind that luxury affords.


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