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Coloured diamonds are found somewhere in the world

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Diamonds are formed in a layer between the Earth’s crust and its core, known as the mantle. It is not entirely certain how diamonds are formed, but scientists do know that they are made up of carbon atoms that combine under intense pressure to form crystals.

Diamonds come in several hues, with coloured diamonds being much more common than colourless ones. According to the Natural History Museum, colour is affected by how nitrogen is scattered throughout the stone.

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Where in the world can you find coloured diamonds?


If you like pink diamonds, the best place to source one is from the Argyle Diamond Mine in northwest Australia. This remote mine is responsible for supplying 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds. However, this only accounts for a tiny proportion of the diamonds that the mine produces. Champagne brown diamonds are also found in this mine.


For those seeking orange diamond eternity rings, it’s useful to know that most of the world’s diamonds in this colour stem from Africa. The Congo, in particular, is a hot spot for diamonds of this hue. South Africa is also famous for its diamond production, with the Cullinan mine one of the most renowned in the world. Expect to find blue and yellow diamonds from this part of the African continent.

If you find black diamonds appealing, there is a good chance that they will have come from Central Africa.

Northern Asia

We tend to associate Siberia with the cold and snow, but this region is also famous for its production of purple diamonds.

Southern Asia

Head south to India, and you will come to the home of two of the world’s most prominent diamonds: the Hope Diamond and the Witelsbach-Graff Diamond. As you might expect, India plays a large role in producing diamonds. In the Golkonda region in particular, you can find an abundance of blue diamonds.

South America

Naturally-occurring green diamonds are spectacularly rare, but they have been found in South America. On very rare occasions, green diamonds have also been sourced in Borneo and Central Africa.

Brazil is also a producer of diamonds in a wide variety of hues. Blue, brown, pink, red and yellow diamonds have been mined in this South American country.

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