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The Difference Between a Quilt, Duvet and Bedspread

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Many people may not realize there are so many ways to cover a bed until they are decorating their bedroom or a guest space. Besides the soft sheets that cover the mattress, a person must decide if they want a quilt, duvet cover or bedspread to cover their bed. Each type of bedding has a different function, look and feel.

What is a Quilt Cover?

A quilt is bedding with three layers: bottom, batting and top layers. The top layer is designed by stitching different types of fabric into a complex pattern. A mariners compass quilt is an example of a quilt. The mariners compass is a star sign that starts from a circle such as a compass. In fact, this type of design was one of the first design styles for quilts. The specific design depends on the wind chart called a windrose.

The middle layer has batting made of down or wool. This gives a quilt extra warmth. Quilts can be mass produced. However, many are still made by hand. Handmade quilts are often handed down to different generations in a family as a keepsake.

A Duvet is Similar to a Comforter, not a Quilt

A duvet cover is a type of comforter. It may have a pattern ranging from sophisticated to contemporary. Inside the duvet is down, not wool. The duvet may have ties, zipper or buttons to affix it to the bed. Whether the duvet cover will keep a person warm depends on the filling.

It can be used as a lightweight topper in the summer. It can be added with another blanket in the colder months. The plus side for a person considering a duvet is that is may come with matching shams for a bedroom ensemble.

What is Considered a Bedspread?

A bedspread is a one-layer bedding topper. It covers the pillows on the bed and stops at the floor. Some bedspreads are plain. However, some are very elaborate. For example, they are made with fridge or pompom. Bedspreads are available in many fabrics too such as corduroy.

A bedspread is not a blanket. It won’t keep a person warm in the colder months. The bedding is lightweight. So, it is best for the summer months. The bedspread can be placed over or under a blanket for warmth.

Typically, a bedspread is used in hotels, not for a master bedroom. They aren’t as trendy as quilts or other types of bedding. Some people place them on guest beds or use them if they want a retro look to a bedroom.

Choosing a Bed Cover is about Personal Taste

When choosing a bed cover, based the decision on personal style and function of the bed cover. For example, a quilt is a beautiful way to cover a bed. They give a space a casual, cozy feel. The color schemes fit any decor too. Many people may prefer a bedspread because of their elaborate finishes and fringe. A duvet cover may be for someone with a modern bedroom.

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