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In this basic level document it is been intended to reason some logical criteria that any application engineer would follow step by step for the selection of Valves according to the installation process or project. It has a didactic interest from a training point of view due to the sequence of parameters to be taken into account.

The range of designs and types of Industrial Valves available on the current market, regardless of brands and differentiating characteristics of a commercial type, is very wide and offers multiple possibilities to the application Plumbing engineer and any technical or commercial person from blackhawk supply who has to make a decision about selecting the correct equipment for each scenario.

Choice of valve type according to its function

The first base of choice will be based on the function of the valve or equipment it must perform in the plant, for this the following functions are distinguished:

  • Isolation: interrupt the flow of the line completely and when necessary.
  • Retention: prevent the flow from receding towards the pressurized zone when it decreases or disappears.
  • Regulation: modify the flow in terms of quantity, divert it, mix it or activate it automatically.
  • Safety: protect equipment and personnel against overpressure.

However, within each type of valve there are very different designs that respond to plant requirements, installation, types of materials and availability.

Determination of Nominal Pressure

The next factor is to determine the Rating or Nominal Design Pressure of the valve, this factor is determined by the process data in the plant, mainly by the intersection between effective working pressure and effective working temperature.

Determination of construction materials

Depending on the previous factor (pressure x temperature) as well as the chemical compatibility and resistance to corrosion and erosion of the fluids, you must choose the construction materials of the various parts of the valve.

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