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Everything You Should Know about Oak Beams and Furniture – and How to Restore them Properly

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Oak beams and furniture have long been part of our history and the history of other parts of the globe. What makes oak such a popular type of wood for building, furniture-making, and architecture is the fact that it is highly resilient, it is flexible, it is hard-wearing, long-lasting, and beautiful as well. If you have oak beams in your property or you have oak furniture which has been around for a long time, you will want to preserve its natural beauty and resiliency so you can enjoy it for years to come. But before undergoing an oak beam or furniture restoration project, here’s everything you should know about oak beams and furniture – and how to restore them properly.

The history of this popular, attractive wood

The Latin name of oak is quercus, and it is classified as a hardwood, which is comprised of around 400 species. In the UK, oak has always been a highly-esteemed material, but recently, it has received a renewed boost as a construction material, especially for internal property fixtures. Oak has always been a preferred material for the building of furniture as well, and those who have had oak furniture for decades can swear by its longevity and durability. Oak beams are also a common use for the wood, and as a testament to its long lifespan, you can still see a lot of oak beams in older houses and buildings, and those who have them spend a lot of time and effort to make sure they are fully renovated and restored.

If you are thinking of treating your oak beams and furniture

If you are thinking of having your oak beams or furniture treated, there are some things to keep in mind. The treatment of external oak is different from the treatment of oak internally, for example. There are other considerations you have to think about as well, such as what kind of damage or issue your oak beams or furniture has. For example, if your oak beams have blackened, this could very well mean that water has penetrated the oak and reacted with the oak’s tannin. If your oak beams or furniture have been constantly exposed to the sun for years, this could also result in the oak having a silvery tone or hue.

Some common recommendations

If you are to treat your oak beams or furniture with a clear finish, remember that these products are not entirely ‘clear’ which means that they may bring out the oak’s natural colouring, making it a little warmer and darker. The levels of sun, wind, and rain can also make a vast amount of difference in regard to how fast your oak will change in colour.

For the simple treatment of oak – if you merely want to make the wood look more natural – you can apply a product such as a wood preservative and then apply another product that provides ultraviolet-light resistance as well as protection for the wood, so it doesn’t become diseased with dry or wet rot and so on.

If your oak beams are more heavily damaged and need more treatment, your best bet would be to rely on a professional in oak beam restoration such as bespokebeams.co.uk. With a professional’s help and expertise, your oak beams or furniture can be completely restored, bringing them back to their former glory.

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