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Give Your Garage a Makeover

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While you’ve tried to make most of your home attractive and appealing, chances are your garage is one place that never gets any love. It may be nothing but a place to shelter your automobiles, or it may be the place unwanted items and cardboard boxes you might need for reshipping and piles of recyclables go to die. If your garage has become an unmanageable eyesore, maybe it’s time to pay it a little attention.

Fix the Floor

Start with that cement floor, cracked and chipped and stained with decades of motor oil drippings and tire dirt. Painting is an option, but a popular and particularly hardy way to play up your base is to cover it with epoxy, a resin that cures into a shiny, glossy, sturdy surface that’s lovely to look at, easy to clean, and difficult to damage. That alone will make your garage seem less like a dungeon and more like a place you’d want to spend some time. Check for epoxy contractors near me to find out what’s involved in this part of the project.

Line the Walls

Next, take a look at the walls. Are they in need of a paint job? Are they covered haphazardly with hooks and pegboard and rickety shelves that have outlived their usefulness? Strip off all that dusty old material and replace it with sleek shelves, cabinets, and lockers now available for super-functional garage decor. Add a worktable and lighting if that’s something that would be useful, or double up on cabinets to maximize storage space. If you’re going to stash unwanted items in the garage, they might as well be truly out of sight.

Rethink the Purpose

Is sheltering cars and storing junk the best use of your garage? Maybe it’s time to strategize that space with a racking system. Could it be a game room, a kids’ playroom, a big-screen viewing room, a laundry room, a man cave, an attached she shed? Don’t let a potential extra room go to waste. Though you may need to do some extensive renovations to insulate the space and improve access to it, for families whose homes are busting at the seams, it may be worth it.

Your garage may never be as classy as your living room or as cozy as your bedroom, but it can at the very least be a pleasant place to enter and exit, and maybe a lot more. Make your first step clearing out all that clutter and trash so you can see what you really have to work with.


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