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Top tips to secure your house

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According to a recent report, the burglars are breaking the houses every 37 seconds, which is making it difficult for the people to feel secure. However, the safety and security are the first concerns for the home owners as they all want their families to feel safe all the time. no matter you have purchased a new home or you have moved to a new place, it is necessary that you pay attention to the security of the house and the following tips are going to help you get the most secure and safest house for you and all the family members.

  1. Secure all the doors of the house

When we say all the doors, we mean it. You have to check each and every door of the house, check the hinges and the locks and look critically if it is missing some part. Check the garage doors as well and if there is some repair needed for the doors, do not overlook them. Make sure you have checked the doors properly and it any of them needs repair, you can call the reliable garage door services from the link stpetegaragedoorrepairs.com


  1. Lock the windows as well

The windows and the doors serve as the entry point for most of the burglars, therefore you should pay attention to the way you are using the windows. Make sure that all the windows are locked and not opened unnecessarily. Secondly, secure the windows with the locks and then double check the hinges. If you are not satisfied with the hinges, you can always add more security to it by placing the lockable levers.


  1. Light up your house

A simple tip to keep the criminals away from the boundaries of your house, is to keep your house lit. before the darkness falls, turn on all the lights, especially the areas that have some hiding place or a place to climb in. the more lit your house would be, the fatter would be the chances for the criminals to approach it.


  1. Add some security system

If you are building a new house, it is bound to have a very strong security system in it. If not, then you should at least try to install a basic security system to your house. The one that can keep you in touch with all the activities at your home. These days, the modern security systems require you to install cameras at main points in the house and they keep sending you the live video all the time. Also, the cameras sense the change and send you a notification on the mobile phone about the happenings in the house.


  1. Lock down the Wi-Fi Network

Talking about notifications and streaming on the mobile phones, it is necessary that you lock down your Wi-Fi network with high end security measures so that no one can access your home without your permission. This is necessary and try not to share your password with neighbors or other people without any strong reason.


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