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Garage Door Repairs and Installations Should Be Done by Professionals

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Garage doors should be inspected by a professional every few years. There are many things that can go wrong with a garage door over time. A professional will be able to spot any problems that are occurring with a garage door. Injuries to a person or damage to property can occur when an untrained person tries to fix a garage door.

Without the proper tools and knowledge, a garage door can fall and when it does it comes down fast. The improper settings on the opening force, a broken spring, or the wrong strength on the springs can cause the door to fall. The sections and rollers of the door can be a major pinch hazard. Children should be taught to stay away from the moving parts of a garage door.

Many parts of the garage door are under extreme tension, including the cables, bottom brackets, springs and the anchor plates with springs. Injuries can happen when parts that are under tension are damaged or removed. These are all situations that can harm a person or the property. A professional will know exactly how the spot the problems and make the proper repairs.

Professional technicians can also make sure that your garage door opener is working properly. Your opener may not be properly adjusted. If the opener is not working right it can apply a deadly force and not open the garage door in an emergency. Since 1982, manufacturers had to put a safety release on the trolley to disconnect the opener from the garage door. This keeps the door from trapping a person or object under the heavy door. In 1993, another safety feature was added. The electric eye keeps the door from shutting down completely if there is an object in the way of the door closing. Professional garage door technicians can check your opener and make sure it has no issues of not working properly.

Garage door repair Plano TX technicians work on all makes and models of garage doors and openers. Technicians will arrive at your home with a fully stocked truck, with the proper tools and the right equipment to fix any type of garage door or opener. If your door will not open, will not stay closed, opens by itself, or is noise, are technicians will check the door out completely. They will make sure the sensors are not misaligned or broken and fix any problems. They will also check out the torsion springs that keep your door up and make sure they are not worn out. Only professionals should work on garage doors and the problems they cause.

Broken springs on garage doors can usually be replaced in an hour by trained professionals. The springs on a garage door carry an extreme amount of energy. If your springs are damaged, they may make the door fall down and do damage to your vehicle or injure a person. They need to be replaced by a professional who has the right tools and the knowledge to do the job right. They know how to replace the springs, so it causes no injuries to anyone including themselves.

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