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Going Bold With Designs-the Ocean Club Paradise Point Bed Way

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Going Bold With Designs-the Ocean Club Paradise Point Bed Way

This bed in all its glory is probably one of the most inspirational designs ever to be created. The simplicity of the design is definitely something that speaks volume. The rattan design on the headboard is made up of dark cherry wood colour solid wood. This looks extremely exquisite and make no mistake the design is actually quite bold even if it is this very simple. The rattan framework on the headboard of this Full Size Bed with Drawer is covered on three sides by a design incorporating of squares and rectangles of various sizes. And the design of the bed does not finish on just that, the craftsman has given it a supreme class by making sure that the corners of the bed finish off in a turned design. The soft turn is not even visible upon seeing it from far away. But upon closer inspection the soft turn actually becomes very obvious. This look is rarely seen in beds so anybody who walks in to a room with this bed for the first time will surely be impressed by it. So if impressing people is your ultimatum you can do that with just this bed. This look seems to have a tinge of Asian influence and thus looks extremely beautiful. Its look can also be called to be contemporary in the least and thus gives off a very refreshing look that will surely capture a lot of interest.

The colour of this bed is actually a very impressive feature of this bed too. The bed comes in a very amazing colour. The finish is done keeping in mind the fact that neither too bold colour nor too light colours are ever good enough. What you really need is a colour that is half way between the two extremes. The Full Size Beds with Drawer should be of a colour that looks and feels amazing implying that the colour needs to be extremely contemporary. This bed has a cherry red look but in fact the bed is finished with the help of a sun drenched sienna beli finish. This colour makes it a very versatile bed and thus it can be used for a lot of purposes in a lot of ways in a lot of times. This Full Size Bed with Drawers is made with the help of hickory veneers and the select hardwoods. These selections of woods make sure that on average the bed is very durable and likely to last long and brave almost all harsh weathers and incidents except extreme ones like fires and all. The head board has a height of sixty eight inches and has a width of about sixty five point five inches. The foot board has a width of sixty three point two five inches and a height of about sixteen point seven five inches.

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