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Why microfibre is the best for laminate

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If you have or desire luxury laminate flooring for your home, then you need the best tools for maintaining it, so it stays looking fantastic for longer. Here are some top tips for why using a microfibre mop gets the best results for laminate floors:

1 Versatility

A microfibre mop can be used for more than one purpose. They are great for mopping when wet and can also be used for dry dusting surfaces. Once you’ve dry-wiped the floor, you can then unattach the mop head, rinse it out and then use it for the damp mopping part of the cleaning process.

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2 Great for dust and pet hair

The fibres are great for picking up dust bunnies, dog and cat hair and any other dirt sitting loosely on the floor surface. Unlike a broom, which simply moves the dust from one place to another, a microfibre mop effectively picks it up first time. Treat your Laminate Flooring from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html with a regular clean from a microfibre mop.

3 Environmentally-friendly

Because of reusable aspect of a microfibre mop, they offer a much eco-friendlier cleaning process. Other kitchen mop wipes have to be disposed of after each use, whereas a microfibre mop pads can be removed, washed and reapplied.

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4 Nothing left behind

Many mops leave behind water marks or streaks of remaining dirt. However, using a microfibre mop means all dirt is collected up immediately so you don’t have to revisit the same places multiple times to get the floor shiny and clean.

5 Easy manoeuvrability

The swivelling head of this type of mop makes it simple and easy to reach awkward corners, get under chairs and tables and mop around objects effortlessly.

6 Wider mop head

These mop heads come with a useful wide head, that along with the swivel design, makes it a simple task to cover maximum floor space. Less time on cleaning has got to be a good thing! They also slide over the floor surface with ease meaning less effort and back work for you.

7 Perfect for laminate floors

A microfibre mop is the ideal choice for laminate flooring as it requires little water for cleaning. Putting a large amount of water onto laminate flooring is not recommended in case it seeps through and damages the boards, warping the floor. This makes the microfibre mop perfect for this type of floor.

8 Money-saving

This type of mop is the best for your pocket too. You won’t need to constantly replace sponge pads or heads as the microfibre pads are reusable. You’ll also be using less water to get your floor clean, saving on water and energy costs. If you make your own homemade cleaner, then you’ll save even more money.


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