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Steps You Can Take For Decking Boards Maintenance

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Steps You Can Take For Decking Boards Maintenance

As you head towards getting timber or hardwood decking installed in your home, you should know that they are a long-term investment. Because their installation is something very expensive, they are certainly not the thing to be installed every year. Because of this, experts say that you need to give a good amount of time towards its maintenance and care as only then; you will be able to enjoy their beauty for a long time. Here are some tips that you can follow as you think about getting them installed.

The top tip in this context is that at the time of installation, you should get as much information as possible regarding maintenance and care. Second tip is that you should take a vow that you will take these instructions and tips seriously and follow them without fail. General precautions and maintenance tips Once the last coat of varnish is applied, you need to wait at least 48 hours before placing the furniture. However, this is not applicable for pee-finished floors. After proper care, cleaning, etc. it is important that you fit protective pads underneath the legs of your furniture. This would help you avoid unnecessary marking/scratching of the floor. You can also place protective mats for full-proof protection of newly installed decking floors, etc., especially if you have furniture with castors. Try to use barrel castors rather than ball castors, as they are less likely to damage decking boards, etc. Wait for at least a week before placing and castor furniture, but this time can be cut into half or even lesser if you have pre-finished floors. Another tip is that you should not place rugs on them for at least 2 weeks after final coat application. This would ensure that the coat has settled in completely and there are no chances of its damage. Moreover, place these mats on clean floors and hardwood decking so that no dust is trapped underneath to scratch the floor. You can use dust-trapping mats as they guarantee some robust protection against dust and dirt. You can also employ small rugs and hall runners to minimize the damage caused by dust and dirt. Regular sweeping of the area using electro-static broom will help you a lot in keeping timber decking supplies and hardwood decking clean and protected. If you are not the first time user, you may be aware that all kinds of floors fade or lose their color eventually. Too much exposure to sunlight can quicken this process and therefore, you should safeguard the installation from too much exposure to sunlight or any other natural environment. Gaps or cupping are frequently visible on the installation, if the area around them experiences extreme temperature changes or too much dampness. You need to avoid such conditions by maintaining an ambient temperature in the area where these decking boards are installed.

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