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Ideas For Retro Interior Designs

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Retro interior design has become very popular and there are a lot of companies offering the products you need to take your home’s decor back to the 1970s. Companies such as Roth Rugs offer the ideal interior design touches that bring the past back in a way that only a home decor project can.

The Rugs

The two flooring materials that really help enhance a retro design is a shag rugs for living room areas, and a linoleum floor for kitchens and bathrooms. Over top of the linoleum would be area rugs that did not necessarily have to match any other part of the decor. It is important to get the rugs in your home right if you want that real retro look.

Beaded Doorways

If you have small children or pets who like to chew on things, then a beaded doorway is probably a bad idea. But if you are clear of those restrictions, then nothing says a retro interior design like strings of beads being used as doors. Beaded doorways do not offer the best in privacy, but they make it very clear exactly what era your interior decor is based in.


There is a misconception that 1970s retro lighting schemes must be psychedelic to be authentic. The truth is that your 1970s lighting needs only to be experimental to fit the 1970s theme. You will want to avoid lasers and other types of modern lighting, but you can use modern LED lighting effects to get that look. Mirrored disco balls can also help to expand your lighting design into something much bigger.


In the 1970s, the theme for furniture design was a space age look. Straight lines replaced flowing couches and shapes like triangles and circles became the order of the day. When you are putting together a retro interior design, it is important that you get that space age look from your furniture if you want your design to look authentic.

A Stereo System

Finding authentic 1970s stereo equipment is expensive because that era was known for having some of the best stereo components in history. But there are plenty of contemporary stereo designs that will give you that full sound you need to make your home feel and sound just like it was the 1970s again.

If you want to go back in time, then all you need to do is use a retro interior design for your home. With the right components and pieces, your home can feel just like it did when the country was experiencing some of its most significant social changes.

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