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Best Gas Pressure Washers

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What is “Most Powerful” in this area?

We tend to remember at some point in time that the garden hose and the bucket are not enough any more. We’ll find a pressure washer then. Similarly, while we have fallen in love with the convenience of a pressure washer, more is still needed for certain cleaning projects. Then we conclude that we want an incredibly strong computer that ravages the stubborn spots.

We need to worry about washing capacity to quantify this for electric pressure washers. In cleaning units(CU), which is the product of GPM (gallons per minute) X PSI (pounds per square inch), the cleaning strength is estimated. It needs all of these, not just PSI, to maximize the amount of work you can handle with your pressure washer.

Your electric heater or even a light bulb may be an example. The greater the wattage, the more heat will be produced. A light bulb of 100 watts is brighter than a bulb of 60 watts. By multiplying voltage times amperage, Watts are calculated.

CU’s are the wattage equal pressure washer (although the electric pressure washer still has wattage, this is not the best measure of how much work it can do to clean).

PSI & GPM Calculation examples:

The electric pressure washer would have 8000 CUs of washing capacity for 2 GPM, 4000 PSI

A 4 GPM, 3000 PSI pressure washer would have a washing capacity of 12000 CUs.

So it’s really pretty simple, considering all these acronyms … the higher the cleaning units, the better the pressure washer is in terms of cleaning capacity. You only need the GPM and PSI to be compounded. The most will be done with the math. You’ve got the fundamentals there. Let’s get down to the facts now.

Do You Really Need This POWER?

I know that you want to make your house and the dirtiest areas shine like fresh ones. You want the job done fast, too, because you just have so many Saturday afternoons. But it’s going to be great to have one of the most strong electric pressure washers!

This sort of strong pressure washer will quickly remove the age-old stains and grime. Nothing can survive this pressure: grease, tar, mud, mildew. But, let me warn you of the arrival of great force … you knew it, great duty. There are circumstances where harm can be incurred by this force. Since pressure washers are so powerful, it’s easy to get into the cleaning rhythm, and then start washing something we have no business washing with a pressure washer. Our cleaning project on Saturday afternoon would then become a maintenance project on Saturday night.

That means you have to be cautious enough not to ruin any rubber or the paint coating of the car or patio while you are washing your car or patio with this pressure washer. You can need to adjust the nozzle of the pressure washer and/or keep a reasonable distance from the car.

So now that you’re determined to be overcautious, let ‘s dig at the cleaning anxiety’s key goals.

What You Can Clean with Powerful Pressure Washers?

I know you already have something you want to do with a high duty pressure washer in mind. But just to make it simple, here are a bunch of things you can do with your new toy (not limited):

  1. Washing Walls:

Cleaning brick and concrete walls has always been a challenge. Not just you, but also humanity. But a 3000 psi pressure washer can be the solution to that as you need a larger flow of water for this cleaning purpose. You can do the cleaning within minutes with greater scope and strength.

  1. Concrete Driveways:

I saw people hour after hour just cleaning their driveway, just to clear a few grimes. It would never work properly. Only a waste of detergent and effort. Make it super quick with a good pressure washer to do this task.

  1. Heavy Equipment:

Turn to a massive pressure washer if you have any heavy equipment filled with dirt. Equipment that works on a farm or on a job site continues to face certain circumstances. One pressure washer is OK with either one or two pieces of equipment. But if you have a lot of them, then you would want to get some bids from experienced contractors for pressure washers.

  1. Wooden Surfaces:

Bet you felt the terrible pain of sweeping the porch, deck, and the patio. Still, don’t go any further if you want something done with half the effort and time. For you, a strong pressure washer is the solution. With a correctly calibrated pressure washer, a deck coated with dirty mildew can quickly be washed. As the wooden surface could be on the lighter side, I said, properly balanced. Everything you need to do is be a little picky with the nozzle here. Using a nozzle that produces a more extreme angle and you need to keep the wand and surface at a larger distance.

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